WINTER IS COMING: How to prepare your car

Your vehicle's tires improve traction and gas mileage. That's why they need to be properly inflated. Your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) allows you to track tire pressure from the driver's seat and stay safe on the road. Learn more about TPMS and what you can do to ensure it's working properly

WINTER IS COMING: How to prepare your car

Don't get stuck out in the cold! Before the first snow hits the ground you should make sure your vehicle is prepped and ready for the coming winter. During the summer months that rattling may not have seemed like a first priority but as the sun starts to set sooner you should get all vehicle maintenance in order. Here are some things to get checked before Jack Frost comes to town.

Battery: No matter the time of year it is always important to have a fully functioning battery but especially important as the temperatures drop. Bring your car to the shop to we can measure output and any signs of wear and tear. We want to make sure there is no corrosion forming, the cable connection is secure and all fluid levels are stable.

CoolantDon't let your pipes turn to icicles! Your coolant system should be flushed and refilled every other year. When we service your vehicle we will check fluid levels, concentration, and top off as needed.

Windows: We are all familiar with that salt build up around our bumpers and on our windows. Having a clear view of the road is essential, so make sure you stock up on windshield fluid which will help defrost your windows as well as wipe away the salt deposit. The best wiper fluids contain methanol so that it doesn't freeze! Always go for an all seasons fluid.

Lights:Along with windows you want to make sure you have the best visibility your car can provide. We will do a full headlight restoration for only $30.00. Bring in your vehicle so we can clear out any build up in your lenses and replace any dull or dead bulbs.

Tires: No snow tires? Make sure you keep your tires as safe as possible. Any balding compromises your ability to navigate safely. We recommend checking your treads and tire pressure once a month as well as carrying a spare tire in case of emergency. Make sure to check your spare so you don't get stuck without one. You should also have your tires rotated and set before the first snowfall so give us a call and we’ll fix you up.


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