I called on Tuesday for brake work. Dropped the truck off that night. Snowstorm on Wednesday, no call, assumed due to weather. Got called Thursday noontime,, gave the ok for the work, they said should be ready by end of Friday. I called them at 3:30. Work not started yet. They gave excuse of a crazy day, and something about other customers that made me feel like I was a lesser priority than everyone else. The work was completed on Saturday, but i really needed the vehicle in the AM. I considered giving 2 stars, but to date, the work they do has been satisfactory. If you give someone the expectation of work done by a certain time, and you cant meet that expectation, call the customer. Just because i am not sitting in your waiting room doesnt mean i need my vehicle less than someone else.

First, the point which is most upsetting in this review is the failure of Mezzio Auto to meet or exceed a customer's expectations at any point during the repair process. The entire staff is trained and dedicated to providing the best automotive service experience for our customers, however, we failed this time. The details of this failure will be reviewed at Mezzio's end of the month staff meeting. Mezzio Auto will review the existing procedures and develop additional policies for customer contact especially when weather or unforeseen circumstances impact parts delivery. The entire staff at Mezzio Auto truly offers a sincere apology and look forward to the opportunity to make it up.Mezzio Auto & Body Repair

Did a great job on my car and made me aware of future issues to take care of!


Always polite and excellent auto service, as well as customer service!


Great service, great people, Jay was awesome! Thank you so much!! A++++


Great fast service. Truck rides like new. Friendly staff. We'll be back.


Excellent work ! and they made a special effort to accommodate my disability. I'm sold as a customer!


Prompt Service,Thanks.


A beautiful December day was messed up when I was hit from behind while sitting at a red light. The insurance process went pretty smoothly but was time consuming. Then came the repairs. THANK YOU to Chuck at Mezzio's for dealing with the insurance company to get an approval for new parts instead of repairs. The service time far exceeded my expectations and the work was stellar.


Great service


The most honest mechanics I know. My auto recently broke down, serpentine belt broke. I had no idea the belt was new put in by them at an earlier time. The staff at Mezzio's was friendly, sending a tow that day, and replacing the belt was free for me. I am on a very limited budget and they saved the day for me. Being elderly and knowing absolutely nothing about cars I wouldn't trust any other place to fix my car. The job gets done right, they pick you up and drive you home when needed. Love them.